Carl Addy gives keynote at the renowned creativity and design festival OFFF Barcelona.

Every year, OFFF brings together the best creative minds from a multitude of disciplines. We’re thrilled that this year Mayda ECD Carl Addy was amongst those sharing their creative insights on stage in Barcelona. Interspersed between Carl’s diverse projects were kernels of creative wisdom. Advice like, “Be a fan first and leave your ego at the door” and “Try pairing a sharp brain with a blunt instrument” found their way onto festival-goers’ social media.

One of the first pearls that Carl shared, “Braver people have done more with less,” is a reminder to creatives to not get in their own way. Carl follows this by saying “What would 16 year old you think of you right now?” At 16 in South Africa, Carl remembers hustling, being broke, trying to get into design school, dropping out, and landing his first internship. His humble beginnings continue to serve as inspiration.

Carl’s speech was underscored by the idea that continuing to learn, reinvent, and overextend oneself creates the most interesting work. Or as Carl succinctly put it: “You start school and you never leave.

Read Carl’s interview with The Overview. A big thanks to OFFF for having Mayda on stage!