LBB’s Adam Bennett meets The Mayda Creative Co’s ECDs Ben Smith and Carl Addy to discuss making stories out of data, bringing loveable characters to life with tech, and how to chart a course to lost islands

These are interesting times for creativity. We’re swimming in an unfathomably deep ocean of multiple channels, complex data, and noisy, abstract storytelling. Trying to drown out the volume of ideas and messaging is becoming a part of daily existence, with the result being a fractured lifestyle of constant distraction. It’s why the mind-melting Everything Everywhere All At Once, which so brilliantly weaved different lives - different versions of ourselves - together, struck such a cultural nerve upon its release last year.

It’s no surprise, then, that this new kind of creative culture demands a new kind of creative model. One which has the agility to swerve between different channels and ideas gracefully, whilst applying sound marketing fundamentals and design thinking at every touchpoint. It’s a model which, all told, might look an awful lot like Mayda.

A creative company built to work with the world as it exists today rather than against it, Mayda has spent the last couple of years delivering impressive results for clients like Playstation, AT&T, Google, MSG Sphere, Boost, and LUSH.

To find out more about the company, LBB’s Adam Bennett snatched a conversation with ECDs Ben Smith and Carl Addy…

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