Directed by Ben Smith & Carl Addy, the project marks the first time that live-action has been integrated onto the Exosphere canvas

New York-based creative production studio, The Mayda Creative Co., has unveiled its latest collaboration with Sphere Entertainment, premiering at the highly anticipated Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. The project continues Mayda's partnership with Sphere Entertainment and features American rapper A$AP Rocky in his debut collection as creative director for PUMA x F1. 

Tasked to ideate and execute ‘trippy’ ways to feature Rocky on the large 360 canvas, Mayda ECD’s, Carl Addy and Ben Smith, wanted to play with scale and positioning to make the viewer feel as though Rocky is a ‘boy in a giant bubble’. The team collaborated closely with the Sphere in-house production team to take full advantage of the advanced live monitoring techniques, ensuring real time views of Rocky’s performance translated elegantly and seamlessly onto a spherical canvas. 

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