Lush Cosmetics and The Mayda Creative Co. are partnering to expand the Lush storyverse into long-form entertainment across a range of platforms

We are excited to announce this partnership with Lush, a brand that Mayda has a long-standing relationship with. Mayda directors Feral Child collaborated with Lush on their last two animated character campaigns, featuring brand characters Snow Fairy and Lord Of Misrule. Most recently, Mayda adapted the characters as part of a live real-time animation experience, which premiered at SXSW ‘23.

Through our real-time character animation platform, we took our actors' movements in London and turned them into the live interactive characters, Snow Fairy and Lord of Misrule. The duo engaged in conversations throughout the day with guests at the Lush House, and sat on live panels during the four day event.

This IP development initiative is the latest evolution of Lush’s ongoing strategy to extend consumer engagement with a mindfulness of digital ethics. Fearless in their determination to make social spaces better and safer places, we are thrilled to be expanding the Lush storyverse and partnering in their efforts to create a healthier and happier social future.