Mayda's four-hour music video for Nissan, in collaboration with Google, named one of the standout pieces of advertising in 2023.

Fast Company has ranked The Mayda Creative Co.'s film for Nissan, 'Enjoy The Powerfully Peaceful ARIYA' as #4 on it's Top 5 Ads of 2023. This four-hour-long music video created in partnership with Google, has attracted over 18 million views on its native platform, YouTube. 

Drawing from Nissan’s Japanese heritage and inspired by ‘anime’ animation style, we follow our hero through a series of dreamlike landscapes, futuristic cities and setting suns, set to a playlist of LoFi beats that its audience couldn't get enough of.

Here's what Fast Company had to say:

"What I love about this is how it seemingly defies convention—four hours!—but succeeds because of the sheer attention paid to craft and this particular audience. It’s a seemingly deep cut for a niche audience, and they went berserk for it. [It] used an unfamiliar approach in a familiar format, Nissan is showing respect for the viewer, in both the idea and its execution, in a way that most advertising usually chooses not to"

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