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LUSH House | SXSW 2023


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We were thrilled to receive an invitation to be key creative partners to LUSH Cosmetics at SXSW 2023 in Austin, for the unveiling of LUSH House, an extraordinary multi-touch experiential activation that seamlessly fused immersive storytelling, cutting-edge cosmetic innovation, and forward-thinking thought leadership.

Collaborating closely with LUSH, our creative contributions focused on two distinct elements of LUSH House: thought leadership and a playful, immersive experience for fans of LUSH's beloved brand characters, 'Snow Fairy' and 'Lord of Misrule'.

Innovative Motion Capture Activation

A centerpiece of LUSH House was the motion capture activation, a pioneering effort in interactive technology. Blending state-of-the-art motion-capture with realtime animation and zero-latency streaming, we brought LUSH's brand characters, 'Snow Fairy' and 'Lord of Misrule', to life.

In a secret location, LUSH actors equipped with motion-capture suits played these characters, creating a real-time, interactive experience where Snow Fairy and Lord of Misrule could join the party! This innovation allowed for unique, live interactions, where hosts and guests could converse in unique live conversations and interactions with the duo, blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds and providing an unforgettable experience.

Thought Leadership at the Forefront

LUSH Cosmetics has established itself as trailblazer, continually pushing boundaries in the retail industry; a brand renowned for its commitment to living its values and constantly seeking new and inventive approaches to foster a sense of community across its global network.

LUSH House was a platform to bring thought leaders together to discuss a range of topics; digital divestment, human rights in the digital age, and the future of social media, sparked by LUSH's bold move away from 'big-tech' platforms.

Mayda's Executive Creative Director, Carl Addy, participated in expert panels focusing on immersive storytelling and the evolving opportunities in our increasingly digital society. These discussions delved into how digital connectivity can foster deeper human connections and the role of technology in enhancing consumer experiences.


SXSW has established itself as the world's premier festival for showcasing and celebrating the latest in innovation, creativity, and technology. As long-time creative collaborators with LUSH, our partnership on the launch of LUSH House was an opportunity to blend our creative vision with LUSH's innovative approach, and to explore new possibilities in immersive storytelling and technology. We're excited about the future possibilities our Storyverse partnership with LUSH will bring... watch this space!