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The Adventures of Memento Mori

The Adventures of Memento Mori

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Awarded Best 50 Podcasts by The Atlantic, The Adventures of Memento Mori is a podcast that explores the science, spirituality, culture, and mythology of death. Satirical, quizzical, philosophical, and heartfelt, the show follows host, D.S. Moss, on an existential scavenger hunt as he searches for the meaning of life by looking through the lens of mortality. Each episode confronts a different aspect of death that builds on the learnings of the previous episodes. As a result, the audience rides shotgun on a journey of learning how to live a meaningful life.

The show’s guests have included celebrities such as Sandra Oh, Michael Schur, Steven Rinella, and many subject matter experts and authors like Sheldon Solomon, Mark Manson, and Ryan Holiday. The topics have included- past lives, afterlife, near-death experience, human mass extinction, psychedelic ego death, death in media, and so much more. Rather than view death as a tragedy that happens to another, this podcast takes the stance that mortality is the fundamental and most important fact of one’s own life: the wellspring from which meaning is found. 

Working alongside D.S Moss and partners, The Mayda Creative Co. is currently developing this life affirming podcast into a television series.

"Moss is both curious and a tiny bit skeptical, an appealing mix. The Adventures of Memento Mori provides a venue for end-of-life discussions that don’t require a box of tissues."

The Atlantic