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The Mayda Creative Co. proudly presents our latest project in collaboration with Lush, the iconic British cosmetics retailer. Our creative director, Henry Foreman, led the development of 'Lush - Intergalactic Universe' as part of Lush's 2023 holiday campaign. This activation extends our ongoing 'Storyverse' partnership with Lush, enhancing their audience engagement through an innovative blend of storytelling and multimedia experience.

Hosted at Outernet London, home to Europe's largest LED screen, the 'Intergalactic Universe' is a two-minute, 360-degree mixed media animation that introduces Lush's latest brand character, Space B.O.T, as it travels across cosmic realms on an adventure through a multi-sensory solar system of breath-taking, celestial wonder.

Introduction to Outernet & Creative Brief

Launched in 2022, London's Outernet is billed as one the world’s most advanced public buildings, and is the largest digital exhibition space in Europe. Comprised of different immersive spaces, Outernet's NOW Building offers an unrivaled digital canvas, with interlocking screens connecting to create Europe's largest LED screen, four stories high. With these floor-to-ceiling LED 16K screens and 70 reactive loudspeakers, the Now Building is Outernet’s largest attraction.

Our brief was to extend Lush's 2023 holiday campaign 'Intergalactic Universe' by leveraging this unique space to deliver an immersive, multi-sensory experience during the height of the festive shopping season in the UK's busiest city, throughout December 2023. With over 1.5 million visitors passing through the space every week, this was an incredible opportunity to create something truly special.

'Audience-First' Experience Design

In creating the 'Lush Intergalactic Universe', the expansive scale of the Now Building was a fundamental aspect of our design process. Our approach involved considering how each scene would appear from a fixed point of view, placing each viewer at the center of the unfolding story.

This meant really exploring the LED technology within the space, and pushing the boundaries of what was possible between the various screens. Creating transitions that took over the whole building and transported the audience to the next scene without crazy camera moves was something we'd never seen done at Outnernet before.

By embracing the vast space to craft a seamless, immersive experience for all, and to allow each visitor to feel like they were at the heart of the story, we carefully planned each scene to draw attention to specific animations and visual elements, ensuring everything in the audience's line of sight contributed to the story's magic and wonder.

World Building & Character Development

The character development of Space B.O.T was a key element in our creative endeavor for the Outernet experience. As the central character and guide through the 'Lush Intergalactic Universe', Space B.O.T was conceptualized from original sketches and fully realized in CG. This character development was complemented by the creation of original environments and new story elements, enhancing the narrative depth and viewer experience of the activation.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in a final experience that combined these diverse elements into a spectacular display of wonder and delight, all rendered in glorious 26k resolution. The premiere of this project was further enhanced as a scented 30-minute event, where LUSH staff released fragrances associated with the animation's products, creating a multi-sensory experience that blended the visual and olfactory elements for the audience.

Impact & Reception

The Lush Intergalactic Universe has received acclaim for its innovative and immersive use of digital space and storytelling. Combining our love for technology with our dedication to craft, we enjoyed transforming the Outernet into an alternate realm and creating a unique audience experience custom-designed to the Now Building's incredible space. Through this campaign, we have sought to create something truly special and are proud to have created an experience that stopped people in their tracks and drew their eyes upwards.