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In a groundbreaking creative partnership, The Mayda Creative Co. joined forces with Madison Square Garden's newest venue, the 'Sphere', to create several branded content and live action experiences in 2023. 

Positioned in the heart of Las Vegas, 'Sphere' boasts the title of the world’s largest LED screen, with a staggering 580,000 square foot display. Our collaboration has seen us develop and produce entertainment and branded content from automotive to gaming, electronics to music and sportswear, with each new activation exploring the breadth of creative potential that Sphere offers.

Creative Vision

Embracing the challenge and opportunity presented by this incredible platform, Mayda was selected as one of the inaugural creative studios to develop and produce original content for the Sphere.

The Sphere's unparalleled canvas is designed to host a diverse array of experiences, ranging from advertising and entertainment to arts and beyond. We took each activation as an opportunity for creative and technical exploration, to fully-realize the awesome capabilities of this next-generation screen.

Experimenting with the first spherical display of its magnitude, we tailored content to resonate with a broad spectrum of audiences. Utilizing a blend of linear, interactive, real-time, and generative techniques, we transformed each concept into a living, breathing experience, each aiming to deliver an encounter that transcended the ordinary, offering an immersive spectacle whether viewed from the ground, the air, or even space.

A Duo of Firsts

The Mayda Creative Co. has the distinct honor of setting two industry firsts with the Sphere:


Mayda holds the proud accolade of premiering the first piece of branded content on this colossal platform—a thrilling, immersive relaunch of the iconic video game Mortal Kombat.

This historic initiative marked a new era for gaming promotions, blending cutting-edge technology with 90’s nostalgia to create a massive-scale experience that reintroduced players to the game's legendary characters like never before.


In another first-of-its-kind achievement, Mayda created the first live-action showcase on Sphere.

This project came to life in an electrifying partnership with rapper A$AP Rocky, Puma, and Formula 1, unveiled during the much-anticipated inaugural Formula 1 race in Las Vegas, this collaboration was not only a celebration of speed and style but also a unique moment that fused music, fashion, and sports on the dynamic, panoramic display.

Technical Innovation

Creating 360 degree spherical projection at this unprecedented scale presented unique challenges.

Collaborating with MSG, we developed several techniques designed specifically for Sphere’s massive display, including a sophisticated custom animation system for projections, where animated elements move at different speeds to produce a realistic depth perception.

This approach not only enhanced the entertainment experience but also brought brand and product narratives to life on a scale as grand as the venue.

The Results

The debut of Sphere has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, being hailed as an 'eighth wonder of the world' across social channels, news outlets, and global media.

Our work on Sphere represents not only firsts in technical and creative execution but are also testaments to our partnership with MSG. We loved the opportunity to be amongst the first creative studios to be invited to experiment and create content for Sphere's incredible canvas, a perfect canvas to showcase how we approach every creative challenge; with a commitment to innovation, pushing creative boundaries and crafting experiences that are as memorable and impactful as the 'Sphere' itself.